1st National Communication Engineering Conference 2018




Telecommunications Network Technologies

This subtheme includes but not limited to: Advances in 3G, 4G, 5G mobile communications networks and architectures; Mobile and wireless network technologies; Software-defined wireless technologies; Wireless sensor and actuator networks.

Telecommunication Systems

This subtheme includes but not limited to: Energy-efficient communication protocols; Green radio communications and energy efficiency; Internet of things; Broadband wireless telecommunication systems.

Electronics Systems and Modeling, Simulation and Measurement

This subtheme includes but not limited to: Analytical models of communication technologies, systems and electronics; Simulation of next-generation mobile networks; Antenna and RF radiation, RF design and development; Radars, propagation, and measurements; and Network monitoring, performance, embedded systems design, prototyping and quality evaluation techniques.

Advances in Signal Processing

Sub-theme 2 includes but not limited to: Adaptive and non-linear signal processing; Array signal processing; Signal processing for surveillance systems; Signal processing for smart sensor and systems; Acoustic modeling and source separation; Image and video analysis, segmentation, and tracking; Signal detection and parameter estimation; Computer vision.