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0 Book of Abstract NCEC-2018
0 Preliminary Pages + Cover Page NCEC-2018
1 Botnet Detection Technique Using Artificial Neural Network Suleiman Muhammad Nasir, Olalere Morufu Olajide. Ojeniyi Joseph. A. and Mebawondu Jacob Olorunshogo
2 Comparison between ANN and ANFIS-Based Algorithms for Detection and Classification of Fault on Transmission Lines Abubakar Isa, Yakubu Muhammad Muhammad, Shamsu Idris Abdullahi and Rabiu Aliyu Abdulkadir
3 Design of Millimeter Wave Micro Strip Patch Antenna for 5G Mobile Application Muhammad Surajo,  Amos.O.Ataguba, Charles joe Garba
4 Comparative Analysis of GSM Networks Communication Congestion in Zaria Dr. A.D. Usman, Dr. A.M.S. Tekanyi and Engr. A.A. Sadiq
5 Improved Automatic Eggs' Turner Device for Effective Incubation P. Samuel, S. G. Zubairu, A. Dahiru, Y. M. Abdullahi and M. J. Musa
6 Dragonfly Algorithm-based Detection Technique for Man-In-The-Middle Attack in Fog Computing Environment: A Conceptual Framework Yakubu Jimoh and Shafi’i Muhammad Abdulhamid
7 An Enhanced Logic-gate Based Automatic Water  Drinking System for Chicks M. J. Saidu, A. M. Kauji, Y. M. Abdullahi, A. Mohammed and M. J. Musa
8 Artificial Neural Network Based Plant Species Identification Rabiu Aliyu Abdulkadir, Khalipha Abubakar Imam, and Abubakar Isa
9 Non Orthogonal Multiple Access Based Interference Mitigation Schemes in the Emerging 5G Cellular Mobile Networks Ndagi Muhammad Hassan, Habeeb Bello-Salau, Caroline Omoanatse Alenoghena  and Bala Alhaji Salihu
10 The Influence of Information and Communication Technology on Entrepreneur Skills Acquisition Among Business Education Students in Tertiary Institution in Zaria Metropolis Mahmood Abdullahi and A. A. Sadiq
11 Design of a Cell-Phone Based Monitoring and Controlling System for Poultry Incubator M. J. Musa, S. G. Zubairu, M. J. Saidu, I. Umar and A. Mohammed
12 Measurement and Analysis on the Health Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation from Telecommunication Masts in Some Selected Areas in Kaduna Metropolis Abubakar Kabir,  Elvis Obi and Aminu Yerima Musa
13 Automatic Body Mass Index Measurement Device Shehu Keri,  Ismail K. Musa,  Musa Mamman,  Mayo Zion O.  &  Tanko Aquila Nuhu
14 Coexistence of 5G with Fixed Services S. A. Mikail, I. K. Musa
15 Optimal Overcurrent Relay Protection Coordination in Distribution Network Based on a Simulated Annealing Inertia Weight Particle Swarm Optimization Technique Mohammed Kabir, Aliyu D. Usman and Boyi Jimoh
16 Design and Construction of British Siren Triggered by Heat Operated Switch A. D. Usman, U.F. Abdul Aguye, Isa Umar
17 Development of a Wireless Interactive Communication Application using Android and Windows PC Platform Pindar Ibrahim, Elvis Obi, Gabriel Inaku
18 Performance Evaluation of Empirical Path loss Models of GSM Signal in Kaduna Metropolis Abdullahi Z. M., Okpo U.Okereke ,Jibrin Danladi Jiya and Elijah Ehiagwina Omezigba
19 An Intelligent Digital Door Security System with Password Recovery Bakut Yabvo, Abdullahi and Z. M. Aminu Yerima
20 A Survey of the Evolution and Application of Mobile Edge Computing Mohammed Auwal Ahmed, Nahuru Ado and Abdulsalam Y. Gital
21 Intelligent Image-Processing for Crack Detection on Rail Surface I. I. Danfillo and M. T. Kabir
22 Data Rate-based Sleep Mode in LTE Hetnet Abubakar Ahmed, Kabiru Abubilal, Suleiman Sani
23 Development of an Improved Altitude Estimation Technique for a Minimum Configuration Multilateration System Abdulmalik Shehu Yaro, Muhammad Surajo, and Isiyaku Yau
24 Development of an affordable Smart Home Energy Management System Opereting via SMS using Arduinouno Aminu, Abubakar Sambo, Engr. I.K. Musa and Tanko, Aquila
25 Wireless Power Transfer and Charging System: System Overview and Development Trends Francis E. Chinda, Aliyu N. Shuaibu and Danjuma D. Dajab
26 A Novel Model for Network Anomaly Detection based on Naïve Bayes using Wrapper Approach John Oche Onah and Shafi’i Muhammad Abdulhamid
27 Development of Low Cost Heart Beat Monitoring Device using Arduino uno Charles JoeGarba,Abdullahi Z. M., Agada Peter and Amos Ataguba
28 Developmentof a Propagation Model for IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks: Case of GidanKwano Campus, FUT MINNA Sunday Ogunjide Usman Abraham Usman, Henry Ohize, Umar Suleiman Dauda
29 Design of an L-Shape Slanted Dual-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna for Long-Term Evolution Wireless Application Muhammad Surajo, Abdulmalik Shehu Yaro, Isiyaku Yau and S. M. Yusuf
30 Digital Forensics Model for Mobile VoIP Cloud Computing Investigation Joshua Edward Mamza,  Ismaila Idris
31 Development Of A Microcontroller Sun Tracker For Efficient Photovoltaic Electricity Generation H. A. Abdulkareem, A. M. S. Tekanyi, and U. N. Chkeluba
32 A Framework for Multiple Choice Multilingual Translation System Using Hidden Markov Model and Viterbi Algorithm Peter Shadrach Anza and Muhammad Bashir Abdullahi
33 Emotion Recognition Based on Fusion of Global and Local Grayscale Features with Sparse Coding Descriptor Aliyu Nuhu Shuaibu, Danjuma D. Dajab and Francis E. Chinda
34 Performance Evaluation Of Empirical Path Loss Models of GSM Signal in Kaduna Metropolis Z. M. Abdullahi, Okereke O. U., Omezigba E. E. and Jiya J. D.
35 Development Of A Microcontroller Based Digital Telephone Traffic Control Used For Radio And Television Studio Phone-In Production H. A. Abdulkareem, A. M. S. Tekanyi, A. Y. Kassim, Z. Z. Muhammad, M. D. Almustapha and U. F. Abdu-Aguye


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